Connecting with our purpose

It’s fair to say, it’s been a difficult year for all. 

I started the year, full of ambition for making 2020 the year where I built on my business. I was well aware that my youngest son was starting secondary school, meaning I no longer had to take him to, or pick him up from, school (or after school football, rugby or the millions of other clubs they get involved in at primary!). This provided my with the opportunity to spend more time on my business and to focus on offering more to my existing clients, and gaining new ones. 

Of course, life had other plans. From early March my training bookings started to disappear from my diary, and many of my coaching clients wanted to postpone our sessions until we could meet face-to-face; and the work I’d had planned went out of the window. I initially felt helpless as a lot of my clients were frontline staff, whose attention needed to be on the pandemic, and not having training – but I also recognised that many needed, or would in the future, need, my support. 

Having a period of quiet gave me time and it led me to question everything. I always had a sense of purpose with my job; that I was helping others to be more successful leaders and this was supporting their teams and organisations to be successful too; but this didn’t feel quite as important for once. Instead I recognised that the clients I worked with and cared about, were struggling on a more emotional level – it could be considered leadership issues per se, but actually this was about resilience and mental health as well. 

By keeping in touch with my clients, regularly asking them how they were and offering my help; I was able to help them and in turn, reconnect with my purpose. I was suddenly really helping by: 

  • Supporting people with burn-out who needed help getting back on their feet, before dealing more effectively with the issues which had led to that situations; 
  • I was supporting Managers who were struggling to manage the conflicting requirements to get their workplace Covid secure (with little guidance), as well as support staff and care for residents or patients; 
  • I helped people with operational issues when they were feeling stuck; 
  • I helped teams and colleagues develop peer support, so they could help each other and feel like they belonged when they were working remotely; 
  • I became a valued source of connection when people were struggling with being alone;
  • and most of all, I provided emotional support and helped people get their sense of self back. 

The feedback from clients and organisations I have worked with has been so positive, as by helping staff in this way they have overcome adversity and begun to thrive.

We are just one month away from the end of the year and like many, I will be pleased to see the back of it because of the impact, stress and despair that the year has seen. However, with life, comes lessons. This year has taught me is what is really important: cherishing our health and families, the value of connection, the importance of resilience and mental health because it impacts upon everything; and most of all caring for, and supporting others. I for one, feel blessed that I have been involved with work that has really made a difference; and if I thought I had purpose before, I now feel I have strengthened this, and my work has never felt more important. 

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