6 Steps for a successful mindset

Having a successful mindset often makes a difference between achieving your goals and not.  Our mindset can literally spur us on to achieve or completely hold us back. Therefore, developing a mindset for success, is key. But how can you do this?

1. Be realistic about what you can achieve

Having stretching goals is important for us to grow. However, there is a difference between stretching and impossible. Ensure you have goals which inspire you, but not so high that you are unlikely to ever achieve them. 

The interesting thing with mindset is that if we have goals which we believe we can achieve, it encourages us to take the action required to get there (and sometimes this can be BIG action). However, if we have goals which we don’t believe we can achieve, it does hold us back – why take big, risky action when the rewards are unlikely? Therefore, it leads us to either take small action, gaining little results or no action at all – fulfilling your belief that you won’t achieve it! Therefore, having goals that feel realistic to you or aligning your mindset so you do believe you can do them, is the first step to success. 

2. Challenge yourself

As I said in the previous point, it’s good to have stretching goals. By that I mean, goals that will take you outside of your comfort zone.  If we only operate from our comfort zone, we are unlikely to see improvements. But when we push ourselves and make us feel a bit uncomfortable, we are growing as a person and we are taking bigger action than what we are used to. This is where the magic happens – because you will see results!

3. Draw on your experience

When we’re finding things tricky, or when we have those moments of self-doubt think about the experience you have gained over the years, and draw on that to give you confidence to move forward. That brilliant essay you wrote at college will give you the skills to write a great blog, or business plan; or that feeling of unstoppable confidence you had whilst riding your motorbike, or being with friends, will give you the energy you need to have a difficult conversation or pick up the phone to do the dreaded, cold-calling. Just because you haven’t done the exact thing before, doesn’t mean you don’t have the resources – in fact, all of your resources are perfectly transferrable, including your emotional state. So think about that time, remember what it felt like and then take the action that’s needed! 

4. Say positive things to yourself

It is difficult to have a positive or successful mindset when we are negative in our thinking. This negativity might be saying, that we’re not good enough, that we’re not successful or that there is not a chance of us achieving our goals.  These thoughts are often products of previous experience, what others have said, or just years of saying those things to ourselves. But the positive thing is that if we change our thinking, we can change our beliefs.  Therefore, if we tell ourselves positive things such as, “I can do this!”, “I am worthy of success”, “I believe in my abilities” then we are much more likely to have the positive, growth mindset for success. So being successful starts with being kind to yourself.  

5. Find your tribe

As well as being kind to yourself, it’s important to keep company that also inspires you and supports you on your journey to success. It can be difficult if we are surrounded by negativity to take positive action; but when others support us, gives us good honest advice, and helps us, we are much more likely to be successful. Therefore, pick your network carefully.

6. Reflect regularly

Taking the time to reflect on what’s working well for you and what isn’t, will encourage a growth mindset and ensure you are always on the path to self-improvement. It will also develop your confidence. When we think about the things we have done well, it gives us confidence in our abilities and we are likely to do more of it. This will mean that over time, your mindset will become much more powerful and this is when your success becomes unstoppable!

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