Does your leadership have a PLAN?

When working with my coaching clients, it is evident there are numerous sources to the problems they are experience. 

Often my clients present with overwhelm or burnout, but of course, this, isn’t the problem. Additionally, they may aspire to be the great leader: to make a difference in their role, to get results, to inspire others and be seen as great in their job.

What many of them also have in common is that they have no ‘PLAN’ for their leadership. Often where they have progressed into a leadership role, they have adapted their day to day slightly to bring in people management or strategic leadership; but this is tinkering with the edges rather than having a good plan for the role. 

So what plan do you need?

In my experience many of the problems experienced by leaders can be solved using the Personal Leadership Accelerator Navigator (see that’s the PLAN!).

This focuses on 4 main areas to support leadership development.

The main focus of the PLAN is ‘Vision’, with that being central to the whole navigator. Vision is often referred to as being central to leadership and success as it gives us something powerful to work towards. Vision however, isn’t just about organisational vision; it’s also about personal leadership vision – understanding who you want to be, how you want to be seen. In essence, your personal brand.

What hinges around this are 3 more areas: systems and strategies, authenticity and connectivity. 

We are probably all familiar with setting the strategy around the vision. This is essential to any business success. This includes estate, workforce, training, financials etc. But will also include systems which makes leadership work such as having clearly defined roles, appraisals and feedback systems, 1-2-1’s, delegation systems etc.  These systems and strategies help with the smooth running of the organisation and create efficiency.  And yet, often these are not fully in place, meaning leaders are working with inefficient systems and are overwhelmed.

But additionally, the navigator also looks at authenticity – how as individuals we are living our personal brand. This should represent your unique skills and value; and should be representative of your personality too. I have seen so many people trying to be someone they are not, and it doesn’t work – it takes too much energy, can’t be sustained and because the person becomes inconsistent they lost credibility. When you are authentic as a leader it becomes easy, and people respect you more. 

And the final component of the navigator is connectivity. This is essentially how we connect and communicate with others to inspire, to lead and motivate and affect change in the organisation. Communication skills are often taken for granted, but many leaders fail to communicate well and at the heart of most frustrations in the workplace is poor communication and failure to understand others. Connectivity is important!

So with the right PLAN in place you can be so much more effective, impactful and in control, as a leader. 

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