Reasons to be Grateful

Well the sun may not be shining as much at the moment, with having what feels like weeks and weeks of rain but today I choose to be thankful for my health, my beautiful children, being able to watch the wind blowing the trees from the warmth of my office, and the dramatic seasons we have in England.

Either you are nodding in agreement right now, or you are shaking your head wondering what I’m so cheery about.

I am of course, practising thankfulness, mindfulness, gratitude or #gratitude or one of the many terms we are now associating with this way of thinking – but really is it worth it?

Well actually – yes, I believe so.  Gratitude prompts us to think in the present (being mindful) and allows us to notice our thoughts and feelings.  Often we take things for granted, not considering how things make us feel, so by being present in the moment we can understand how they serve us.

When I practise gratitude, I consider my body and how I am lucky that it is healthy and enables me to do so much; I consider my family and how they enrich my life; and I also consider my surroundings, really paying attention to how the environment makes me feel: and usually it makes me calm or can be completely invigorating.  It’s amazing when I consider the world through these fresh (grateful) eyes, that it makes me feel more alive and happy.

So for me, if no wonder that gratitude has been associated with being more happy, less depression, better sleep patterns, increased motivation and improved self-esteem amongst others – surely all great reasons to be practising the art of gratitude.  And if we consider this alongside the law of attraction, it would seem that if we are actively grateful then we should attract more things to be grateful for, giving us yet another reason why we should count our blessings.

So what are you grateful for today?

How to create a Vision Board!

I talk about vision a lot – it really helps you get focus in all areas of your life and a vision board is a great way to see that vision on a daily basis so you know what you are continually striving for.  A vision board is usually a poster board where you stick (or collage) images or words that you find inspirational and reflect your vision that you have for yourself or business. It should encapsulate both what you want from life and why (what does that get you – your motivation!).

So how do you create a vision board?

There’s no real right or wrong when it comes to vision boards – a vision board is for you and should reflect what you feel.  As a guide however, this is what you might do:

  1. Think about your vision:
    • What are you doing?
    • How much do you earn?
    • Who are you working with?
    • Where are you?
    • What are you working hours?
    • What do you do in your spare time?
    • Where do you live?
    • Who do you live with?
    • Where do you go on holiday?
    • What car are you driving?
    • How do you feel?

These are just some questions – let your imagination do the work.

  1. Find magazine images or print images from the internet which mean something to you in terms of your vision. These can be photo’s, images or words – anything that you find inspirational.  Pile them up!
  1. Lay the images on the board and organise them in whatever way seems right for you – use your intuition, there is no right or wrong. Some people like to organise them into areas such as home, holidays and work and others like to spread the images out in no particular order.  Go with your gut.
  1. Glue the images to the poster when you are happy with how the vision board looks.
  1. Now for the most important bit – hang up your vision board in a prominent place. The board should remind you about what you want from life and that your actions need to be moving you towards this vision.

Have fun!