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From functional groups to high performing teams and organisations

Are you a CEO or Senior Leader wanting the best results for your organisation?

It’s fair to say, that this is the aspiration of most senior leaders and that’s because they care. They care about organisational success: getting results, achieving financial targets, being able to pay their staff, having a great culture with happy team members, and having a team which works well together for the collective good.

But the reality can be, and feel, very different. There are significant challenges in developing a true high performing team and achieving the right results.

You may be feeling frustrated. Your team might be working really hard because they are passionate about achieving success, but in reality, they may not be delivering as they’re not focused on the strategy. Your team are unhappy and you might be losing your best people. You may feel like instead of you running the organisation, the organisation is running you. You’re being kept awake at night because you know the current system isn’t working, and it can feel overwhelming as you don’t know where to start, to make it better.

So how can we help?

We’re here to support CEO’s and Senior Leadership Teams to get the results they deserve.

With years of experience of working in, and with people in, senior leadership roles we know what makes a high performing organisation. We will work with you to fully understand what’s working well and what needs to change by using our diagnostic tools to assess areas such as structure, strategy and systems; as well as leadership capability, communication and culture. We will then put in packages of support which may include areas such as:

  • Strategic review and alignment
  • Staff engagement
  • Staff training
  • Executive, leadership and performance coaching and / mentoring
  • Implementation of proven organisational change techniques.

Most importantly, we will move you from mediocrity and having a functional group, to high performance by having collaborative team working. You will have a team and organisation to be proud of, and you will be able to enjoy the success of your career, and go home knowing you have done a great job and be able to enjoy your home life too, and importantly, sleep at night!

We work all across the South West, particularly Somerset, Devon and Dorset – but further afield too with organisations such as NHS (ICB’s, GP Practices and PCN’s), Care homes, Schools and Colleges, Voluntary Sector, Manufacturing and Financial services to name a few. We pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know your organisation, so our support packages meet your exact needs.

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Leadership Consultancy and Organisational Development

Delivering strategic performance and cultural success

Executive Coaching

Equipping leaders for current and future challenges

Training and Development

Developing skills for leaders

Take a big step and achieve massive results.

“We love helping you to become the powerful organisation and leader you want to be. We will work with you to understand what’s needed, and guide you to achieve all the steps in getting there.”
(Yvonne Vigar, CEO)

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What my clients say:

Yvonne was very friendly, approachable and calm – she created a very easy and comfortable atmosphere for us to discuss the areas I wanted to be coached on and provided some very useful guidance which has allowed me to develop and improve.


I found Yvonne very helpful and as a new leader she has helped me to gain in confidence. I would highly recommend these sessions

Head of Finance

Thank you. I really appreciate your help. You have opened my thoughts when I have struggled to understand, and I now value myself so much more.

Lead Nurse

I have attended 5 sessions with Yvonne during a very difficult time in my professional life. She has provided tools to help me overcome difficulties and then insights to help me find clarity and focus on what I really need.

Practice Manager

Having not experienced a coaching session before I was a bit unsure as to what to expect however Yvonne put me at ease and helped me to identify areas of my work life that I wanted to improve and provided me with some skills and tools to achieve my coaching objectives. I would recommend a coaching session as a great opportunity to take a moment to assess how you are feeling, where you want to be and how you are going to get there in a friendly and supportive environment.

HR Director

5/5 – I wish I’d had this training years ago!

Business Partner