Astara Consulting

From operational excellence to strategic success

Are you a newly appointed partner or director or are you the CEO or Managing Partner who has made a brave new appointment?

Whoever you are, I know you want one thing.

For the decision you made to become a successful one.

We support, coach and mentor newly appointed Directors and Partners to become the Leaders they and their organisations want them to be.

We provide the tools, advice, and support to ensure new leaders become great leaders and achieve incredible results.

There’s a leader in all of us and an approach to suit all

We can support you to become that confident leader through our 121-executive coaching, team leadership and engagement and training programmes  so that you can grow into your partnership role and achieve the level of success you desire.

Exceeding Expectations

delivering results & maintaining life balance

Inspiring Colleagues

developing culture & staff engagement

Skills for Success

developing competency through training

Take a big step and achieve massive results.

“We love helping you to become the powerful leader you want to be. We will work with you to understand what’s needed, and guide you to achieve all the steps in getting there.”
(Yvonne Vigar, MD)

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What my clients say:

I would highly recommend coaching. I had no idea what to expect, but this has given me the tools to understand how to communicate with people with different learning/communication styles so that I can get better outcomes at work. It has allowed me to move projects on which had previously become stuck, and I’ve identified new ways to improve work processes and make the job more efficient. So even though I invested more time, it was very worthwhile.

Business Partner

She helped me look at how my work is changing long term and how I need to align myself up with this so I don’t get left behind. I feel this has given me so much more confidence as a strategic leader.

Managing Partner

Yvonne really helped me to focus on what was important to me and what I wanted to improve in my work performance. The coaching has been brilliant, and I have noticed a positive change in how I work. Yvonne has also shared management tools with me which will enable me to better support my team.

Human Resources Manager

I found Yvonne very helpful and as a new leader she has helped me to gain in confidence. I would highly recommend these sessions

Head of Finance

I have attended 5 sessions with Yvonne during a very difficult time in my professional life. She has provided tools to help me overcome difficulties and then insights to help me find clarity and focus on what I really need.

Practice Manager

Yvonne was very friendly, approachable and calm – she created a very easy and comfortable atmosphere for us to discuss the areas I wanted to be coached on and provided some very useful guidance which has allowed me to develop and improve.